31st Oct

Should I Try To Learn To Surf

Should I Try To Learn To Surf

Often I get asked is it too late to learn to surf? The answer is always “NO not too late, just more challenging.” The later you start surfing the harder it is but the rewards are many. Not everyone had the chance to start at 10 years old like me but I have helped many 40 and 50 plus folks join this surfing lifestyle. Surf lessons make your first try easy and hopefully you will learn enough basic skills to go and give it a go on your own. I still remember my first surf before I had been to surf school. It was at Freshwater beach the day after my birthday July 1975 I had no idea about anything. How do you paddle? Where do you lie on the board? How do I catch a wave? When do I stand up? How do I stand up? Where do my feet go? Why am I so cold!? I did manage to stand up but it was both exhilarating and traumatic. Six months later I trundled off to summer surf school for 2 weeks and was enlightened at how easy that all important guidance made learning to surf. “Oh that’s how you do it!”

Getting the right guidance, surfboard and other equipment will help you on your surfing journey. Then you just need the right wave to practice. This may involve moving house changing jobs and abandoning your loved ones in the pursuit of said perfect wave but I’m sure it will be worth it!

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